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How much coverage do I need for home insurance in Roswell, GA?
June 9, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How much coverage do I need for home insurance in Roswell, GA?

Anytime you’re buying insurance you want to try to find the perfect balance between coverage and cost. You already know that the more coverage you have, the more you’re going to pay. Conversely, if you try to save too much money, you could miss out on the necessary coverage that you eventually need. At Stellar Insurance, we can help you get the right amount of home insurance in Roswell, GA.

How expensive of a home do I have?

As a general rule, you should have a minimum amount of coverage for your home based on its size. While the average cost of insurance from state to state will vary, most people will pay about $109 per month. However, the average cost for a $300,000 home in Georgia is about $250 per month, which makes our state the 19th most expensive in the US. While you might not end up with this amount, it’s a good number to keep in mind when you’re choosing your coverage.

What is all covered by my insurance?

Your homeowners' insurance will cover most basic items in your home. Should there be a disaster that destroys your furniture, clothes, devices, or other equipment in your home, you’ll typically have coverage of up to 70% of the value of items lost. These items are also covered in cases of theft.

While you have your home and belongings covered with your insurance policy, you should also insure your pets. Although your pets are on your insurance policy, they’re not covered by your insurance should they get sick or injured. Rather, pets will be included in the liability portion of your policy.

Am I covered if someone gets injured at my home?

In addition to covering your home and the items in it, you can get liability coverage to take care of any potential lawsuits or medical bills should someone get injured on your property. That’s right, your liability coverage will help to cover your legal fees if you’re taken to court over an incident.

Most liability coverage plans will take care of the medical fees that are involved when a friend or neighbor is injured in your home. They simply submit all medical bills to your insurance to ensure that they are properly paid out. It’s important to keep in mind that while your neighbors will be covered by your homeowners' insurance, your family is not. You’ll need to use health insurance in this instance.

Does it matter if my home is old?

It’s typical for homeowners to pay more to insure an older home than one that is new. This is because it can cost more to repair your home in the case of a natural disaster and aging electrical wiring sometimes poses a legitimate fire hazard. Insurance companies will sometimes charge higher premiums in order to account for the risk of an old home.

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